The Novus Manifesto

We’re Novus – named after one of the oldest words for ‘new’.

We’re here because we have a deep, unshakeable belief in the power of people to transform the world into something new.

We all want to be good.
But doing good every day can feel like an impossible task.
So we wanted to make having a real, positive impact on the world as simple as possible. Something you could do everyday.

That’s why we’ve made a card that lets you do good with every tap.

Hope is in short supply right now.

The challenges we face have never felt so overwhelming.
But together, we can flip the script. We’re bringing in boundless optimism. We’re giving people the belief that building a better world is possible.

We want everyone to see the future the way we do: a place of endless opportunities, where transforming lives, saving species and regenerating nature is second nature to us all.

We believe in people – and the limitless power they have when they work as one. That’s why we’re connecting our community to projects that are doing good: to make them even better. Together, we can bring them the funding and support they need to create a better future for all of us.

That’s probably not something we’ll ever finish doing. But we’ll never stop doing it, either.

Follow our journey over on our blog or join us by downloading the app today!

Novus is committed to donate the equivalent of 5% of revenues or more to charitable partners each year. 

  • Authenticity

    We raise awareness about global issues and the power of sustainable consumption. We take conscious action in the way we operate to be more sustainable.

  • Ethics

    We invest time in educating ourselves and our members to make ethical choices, especially when it comes to managing your money.

  • Transparency

    Radical transparency is what we hope to achieve both for our members and for our employees.

  • Empowerment

    We want to drive individual impact of our community members by offering the right toolkit to lead a sustainable life, in banking and beyond.

  • Trust

    We aim to offer our members complete peace of mind so you know that your hard earned money is safe with us.

  • Solidarity

    We believe in collective action and stand together with our members. We want to hear about your experience with Novus and constantly improve.