The Novus Manifesto

People use their payment cards billions of times each day.

Imagine if every tap could generate a positive impact on the world around us - with no extra cost to you?

This is the thought that sparked Novus.

In today’s interconnected world we face a lot of complex challenges. Millions of people live in extreme poverty; natural ecosystems are being destroyed; food systems are in crisis; and yet political systems continue to divide us. 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the future of humanity hangs in the balance.

Yet, innovation and solutions are here, and more are coming. Technology has the ability to connect us all and create the kind of macro-changes needed to turn this around. 

That’s what we’re doing here at Novus.

We’re empowering a new generation of conscious consumers to change the world with their fingertips. Combining ethical values with a modern, forward-thinking approach to banking, Novus works collaboratively towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

At Novus, we are setting the new standard for business values in the financial services sector, where care for people and our planet comes first. Every interaction with our platform is an active step towards a better world and a better life.

We are committed to raising awareness about each individual’s power to make a difference when spending their money and rewarding them for the conscious decisions they make. And we will be committed to doing the same when it comes to managing our member’s finances, where our goal will be to help them do well financially by doing good to our planet and society.

As a value-driven organisation, we bring an empathetic and considered approach to our operations. Our six core values of authenticity, ethics, transparency, empowerment, trust and solidarity drive us towards our bold future vision. 

Our vision is to become the Super App for the growing conscious consumer segment - to promote, inspire and create meaningful change in the world. 

After all, one small thing done a million times has the potential to create true impact.

Follow our journey over on our blog or join us by signing up to the waitlist for first access!

  • Authenticity

    We raise awareness about global issues and the power of sustainable consumption. We take conscious action in the way we operate to be more sustainable.

  • Ethics

    We invest time in educating ourselves and our members to make ethical choices, especially when it comes to managing your money.

  • Transparency

    Radical transparency is what we hope to achieve both for our members and for our employees.

  • Empowerment

    We want to drive individual impact of our community members by offering the right toolkit to lead a sustainable life, in banking and beyond.

  • Trust

    We aim to offer our members complete peace of mind so you know that your hard earned money is safe with us.

  • Solidarity

    We believe in collective action and stand together with our members. We want to hear about your experience with Novus and constantly improve.