Legal Documents

When applying for a Novus account you agree to the below terms.

Novus is not a bank, and PayrNet holds any funds sent to your Novus account as electronic money. The FSCS does not protect your funds; instead, your funds are held in a safeguarded account.

The Novus account is for personal use only for residents of the United Kingdom. If you cease to be a resident of the United Kingdom we may terminate your account without further notice and return any remaining funds to an account in your name. 

Novus should not be used to make or receive certain payments outlined in the Novus Terms and Conditions. This includes but is not limited to

  • Cryptocurrency; buying, selling or exchanges

  • Money transfer services

  • Gambling

Novus terms

Novus Terms and Conditions

Terms of Business Agreement for Flight Delay Benefit

Privacy Notice

Cookie Notice

Payrnet terms

The Novus card and account are issued by PayrNet and their usage is also subject to their terms.

Payrnet Terms and Conditions

Consumer Cardholder Terms

Other terms

Promotion Terms

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