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How does Novus guide me to a better life?

We at Novus believe that the recipe to a better life lies in 3 pillars:

  1. doing well financially – where we will give you the necessary tools to manage your income better, while making sure that your money is not used to support industries that harm our planet and society.
  2. spending wisely – where we will inspire you to live a more sustainable, healthier and happier lifestyle by bringing you the most attractive sustainable and ethical brands through our marketplace, and rewarding you when you make them part of your lifestyle.
  3. creating meaningful impact every day – where we will enable you to support the most pressing social and environmental issues through every interaction with our platform; starting by generating impact with every payment and in the near future offering ethical deposits, savings and investment products.

Novus is more than simply a digital bank. Novus is a way of life. Novus is for the cool, the conscious, the world-changers. Novus is for you.

How can I invite friends to join Novus?

At the moment, you can share the link to the Novus website or your referral link (generated when you sign up on our waitlist) with 3 of your friends who can join our community. Even better? We will plant a tree for each one of them!

Why 3? Well, this comes from our favourite scene from Pay It Forward on “How to change our world?”: Pay it Forward

Do really all my payments via the Novus account generate positive impact?

Yes! Every single time you use your Novus card, you will be generating positive social and environmental impact at zero additional cost to you and to causes dearest to your heart!

Can I choose the causes I want to support?

Yes! At Novus, we want to enable you to support those causes that are closest to your heart. Our highly customizable platform supports a wide range of priority social and environmental impact sectors where our community believes support is needed the most. If there is any sector you believe we are not covering, please fill out our waitlist questionnaire and add your suggestion in the Impact section and/or join our community forum.

What lifestyle verticals do you plan to cover with your in-app ethical and sustainable marketplace?

Our ultimate aim is to enable you, reward you and inspire you to live a more sustainable lifestyle with the support of our ethically and sustainability inspired marketplace. We are building a wide network of brand partners - across food, fashion, beauty, fitness, homeware, travel, mobility and other essentials for your lifestyle – with your feedback, and the rest of our community, in mind.

What financial services will be available at launch?

At Novus, we aim to offer outstanding banking services based on the core principles of transparency and customer experience – and we are starting with a debit card and mobile banking application with the following features at launch:

Payments: send, receive and request money from friends and family instantly, whether they are based in the UK or anywhere else in the world – with no hidden fees and attractive FX rates.

Money management: Get instant spending notifications, set budgets, create saving pots and see daily and monthly insights to keep your spending on track. In addition, you will be able to connect all your other bank accounts to Novus and manage all your finances within our app.

And on top of that you will enjoy our impact features as well as the ethical lifestyle platform which will also be available to you at launch.

What commitments come with signing up for the waitlist?

None. Only that we would love to have you as one of our first members when we launch officially.

By subscribing to our waitlist now, we will give you the opportunity to join us as a beta testing user and help us build your dream ethical digital banking and lifestyle application.

We will keep you posted with updates regarding the launch and meanwhile you can also follow us on our social media accounts.

When will the app become available?

We are working tirelessly on the Novus app, testing and developing, testing and developing, and we are looking to launch as soon as possible. We will keep you updated when you join our waitlist. Early subscribers will also have the opportunity to join us as beta testing users soon.

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